Gartner Cool Vendor 2016 Data IntegrationGartner Recognizes Capsenta as a 2016 Cool Vendor in Data Integration and Data Quality

According to Gartner, “data integration capabilities are at the heart of Gartner’s Information Capabilities Framework and will power the frictionless sharing of data across all organizational and system boundaries.” 

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Incubated out of the University of Texas at Austin, Capsenta’s patented Enterprise Data Platform is the first and only using advanced graph representation and semantic technologies to virtually integrate and search complex and diverse data sources (both internal and external,) independent of type, location, and number of sources.

This superior platform utilizes Linked Data concepts and leverages the World-Wide Web Consortium (W3C) standards to intelligently virtualize structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data sources to deliver the world’s fastest path to insight (search, query and reporting).

NoETL (Extract Transform Load)

NoETL White Paper – Realize the Potential of NoETL

80% of the time and cost associated with big data is consumed by data integration. Capsenta solutions address this problem by enabling the integration of multiple data sources, across any relational database, without the inefficiency of ETL. Source data is never moved from its original location yet disparate databases are tied together creating a virtual analytics layer. All this without sacrificing accessibility and performance

Deliver data integration projects in days instead of months

Deploy on premise and in the cloud

Ultrawrap™ by Capsenta Inc. is middleware that integrates and enriches disparate databases with semantic technology, enabling next generation search across all data simultaneously. Learn how organizations such as Google Ideas, the United Nations and the healthcare industry is using Ultrawrap to reduce IT overhead while enabling improved speed to market.


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Capsenta Launches, Delivering Game Changing Innovation to Big Data Market, Spin Out of the University of Texas

Patented Semantic Technology Brings Smart Data Access Across All Structured Data Without ETL; Healthcare and MedTech Company’s First Focused Verticals

Austin, TX (PRWEB) June 30, 2015 — Capsenta, Inc., the Smart Data company, today launched its business, built on its patented UltrawrapTM technology, invented and incubated at UT Austin. Ultrawrap creates a virtualized data platform giving semantic access to all databases, spreadsheets and other data stores. Capsenta’s semantic search capability is bringing amazing value to its early adopter customers by delivering business intelligence and insights. Capsenta’s initial customers are in the healthcare and medical technology vertical, but all major industry verticals will benefit from this compelling new way to turn data into actionable intelligence simply by asking a question.


Current “Data Warehouse” and “Big Data” approaches require enterprises to invest valuable time and money to Extract (E) data from current locations, Transform (T) the data so that it is consistent and searchable, and Load (L) the data into a newly created warehouse or repository before any value can be realized. Ultrawrap is the first and only fully standards compliant software that enables data to be integrated and searched without the need to Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) disparate data into a centralized data store. Capsenta has termed this “game changing” capability NoETLTM.
The company was founded by a collaboration between world-renown data scientists, Drs. Daniel Miranker and Juan Sequeda, and executive advisor and former director at the UT Austin Technology Incubator (ATI), Kyle Cox. The innovation is the result of research released by the UT Office of Technology Commercialization (OTC) to the data scientists. In July, 2014, Capsenta recruited David Arnold, most recently VP of IT at Blue Shield of California, to be its CEO. Capsenta has since grown to a team of seven working on continuing to refine and deploy this unique technology.

“Capsenta’s software powers the interconnectivity of disparate data sources across businesses,” said Dan Sharp, associate vice president of research and director of the UT Office of Technology Commercialization. “This technology delivers disruptive semantic web database technologies and services that improve business knowledge and efficiencies, reduces technical overhead, and demonstrates the impact of academic research and collaboration from the University of Texas at Austin.”

Capsenta’s technology is based on its patented Ultrawrap software that compiles and integrates disparate data to create semantic graphs which dramatically improve search, analysis, and interpretation. Through Capsenta technologies, its users are accelerating data integration and search, finding better data for provider management, improving population health management, making clinical trials more efficient and effective, as some examples.

Capsenta’s patented technology is the only complete, standards compliant turnkey solution to making existing SQL, and SQL data warehouse infrastructure, upward compatible with semantics. Semantic technologies are a combination of standards and software systems that encode and exploit meaning. The approach enables machines to share and reason with data, content and application code in a manner better understood by people. It also introduces power and efficiency into IT implementations. Semantic technologies provide an abstraction layer above existing IT technologies. With semantic technologies, adding or changing relationships among data and/or programs can be as simple as changing a shared, external, semantic model.

The problem with traditional techniques is they often employ ETL methods that take excessive time and resources, and include hidden costs that are not apparent at the beginning of a project. Capsenta uses a NoETL approach for integrating and searching across enterprise data. In an article titled, “The True Cost of Integration in the World of BI,” David Linthicum states: “When it comes to the cost of a BI deployment, it’s not the software that will get you; it’s the miscellany — the miscellaneous integration work, in particular. ”

“Ultrawrap is the bridge between relational database technology and semantic technology,” said Juan Sequeda, Capsenta founder and Ultrawrap inventor. “By connecting semantics with your database, you are enriching your data with extra knowledge and making it smarter. When your data is smarter, you can improve search, analysis and interpretation. Ultrawrap’s unique feature allows it to integrate data without having to go through any costly ETL processes, hence NoETL.”

About Capsenta
Capsenta, the smart data company, uses semantic technology to turn data into a knowledge graph, to improve search, analysis, and interpretation. Capsenta is a spin out of the Department of Computer Science at the University of Texas at Austin. Capsenta’s patented Ultrawrap software powers the interconnectivity of disparate data sources across business by delivering disruptive semantic technologies and services that improve business knowledge and efficiencies while reducing technical overhead. Its first focused vertical is healthcare and medical technology where customers are already applying intelligence from data culled by Capsenta.

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UT Spinout Capsenta Helps Healthcare Companies Harness Data

Special Contributor to Silicon Hills News

Anyone familiar with the University of Texas at Austin is no stranger to the words “what happens here changes the world.”

To Capsenta, a spin out smart data startup from a UT computer science lab, that motto is more than just a rallying call to donors and fans of the university.

The company, which officially launched in July, seeks to change the way companies around the world mines databases for information. It offers a data translation and integration software allowing its customers to combine and analyze relational databases in a faster and more economic and efficient way.

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