• In supporting the development of Constitute, we relied heavily on the processing of constitutional data. We were incredibly impressed with Capsenta’s founder’s leadership and knowledge of semantic integration.

    Google Ideas Team

    • “By using Ultrawrap, we are able to significantly reduce complexity in the queries we use to extract data while making the solution more portable. Ultrawrap allows us to separate the design of the algorithm used to search for patients from the source data schema and then link the two together using Ultrawrap’s computer aided mapping tool.  This allowed us to significantly reduce time to build and test to a fraction of the time it would typically take,”

      Russell Buchanan
      Terminology Practice Lead
      Gevity Consulting

      •  The opportunities to more easily and efficiently identify these patients are profound. We can save thousands of lives every year through the right data intelligence capabilities.”

        Sitaramesh Emani, MD
        Assistant Professor of Medicine
        Advanced Heart Failure & Cardiac Transplant
        The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center

        • The professionalism and technical acumen of the Capsenta team is first rate. If not for the differentiated ability of the Capsenta’s Ultrawrap(TM) solution to enrich the data with semantics, the integration and faceted search of disparate constitutional data would have not been possible.” Dr Zachary Elkins, PhD, Comparative Constitutions Project Lead and Professor of Government, University of Texas

          Dr Zach Elkins
        • “Two major reasons we chose Ultrawrap, the first is the coverage of standards and support of those standards. The second is that it provided the means to migrate our D2RQ mapping into our R2RML Mappings.”

          “Nothing would give us the performance increase that Ultrawrap does.”

          Dr Barry Norton, PhD; Development Manager at The British Museum