Thank you for requesting an evaluation. The Software Evaluation will enable you access to full functionality for a period of 60 days. We are here to support your evaluation efforts. If you have any questions along the way, Capsenta is here to support you.

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Frequently Asked Questions about the Capsenta Ultrawrap Evaluation License

Q. What features are available in the Evaluation License?
A. The Developer License provides all Ultrawrap features, including RDB2RDF, NoETL Data Virtualization, Mapping and SPARQL Search editor.
Q. Can the Developer License be used in a VM or cloud (like Amazon AWS)?
A. Yes!
Q. Can I store more than 1TB of data?
A. Yes. If you need additional capacity, please contact Capsenta.
Q. What do I do when my 60 days runs out?
A. You may request an evaluation extension at that time. Please contact Capsenta.
Q. How do I get support for the Evaluation License?
A. Free, after review of technical documentation, Ultrawrap installation and connection to your first data source, Capsenta is available to you.
Q. Can I distribute copies of the Ultrawrap Evaluation License?
A. No, this would be considered a violation of the Evaluation agreement. If colleagues or other interested parties are interested in an evaluation, please have them complete the evaluation form.
Q. Can I build an application using the Evaluation License and sell that application?
A. No, this evaluation license is for internal use to Try before Buy.
Q. Can I publish my work done with Ultrawrap?
A. Absolutely! We encourage you to share your work publicly, but note that you can not disclose, without Capsenta prior written consent. Please contact Capsenta prior to publication.
Q. Where can I ask additional questions?
A. Please contact Capsenta.