Wayne Heideman


  •  Proven executive at bringing ‘best-in-class’ technologies to market.
  • BS and MS EE; Iowa State University
  • 30+ years Executive Management, Engineering and IT experience

Wayne Heideman was most recently the President of Qvis family of Companies, a vertically integrated collection of companies which engineers, manufactures, imports, distributes and supports IT and networking products. Mr. Heideman received both his Masters and Bachelor degrees in Electrical Engineering from the Iowa State University.


Daniel Miranker, PhD


  • Professor of computer science – UT Austin; Founder of the Miranker Laboratory in the Bill and Melinda Gates Computer Science Building
  • BS from MIT PhD from Columbia
  • 28 years teaching at UT Austin
  • Founder of prior successful .com startup

Professor Miranker arrived at the University of Texas in 1986 after completing his Ph.D. in Computer Science at Columbia University and his B.S. in Mathematics at MIT. Professor Miranker’s current work concerns applying the Semantic Web to solving relational and biological data integration problems. Particular projects span SPARQL execution on relational databases and data mining methods that automate data integration. Application subject matter includes both biodiversity and molecular databases.

Professor Miranker is perhaps best known for his early work on the TREAT algorithm; a forward-chaining rule evaluation method originally intended to support the parallel evaluation of rule systems against the contents of a database in a map-reduce like environment. He is coauthor of the 1998 PODS Best Paper, “A Lower Bound Theorem for Indexing Schemes and its Application to Multidimensional Range Queries”. In 1999 he founded a dotcom that survived the bust. The company developed and sold semantic software used in the implementation of B2B marketplaces.


Juan Sequeda, PhD

FOUNDER, Engineering & Technical Sales

Senior Director, Capsenta Labs

  • Inventor of the Ultrawrap solution
  • NSF Graduate Research Fellowship
  • Program Committee; International Semantic Web Conference
  • Executive Director Semantic Web Austin
  • Founder of prior successful European startup
  • BS and PhD both from UT Austin

Dr. Sequeda received his Ph.D. the Department of Computer Sciences at the University of Texas at Austin and was a NSF Graduate Research Fellow. His research interests are on the intersection between relational databases and semantic web. Dr. Sequeda is the inventor of Ultrawrap, a patented system which virtualizes relational databases as Semantic Web data sources, which has spun-off into the company Capsenta. Juan was an invited expert to the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Relational Database to RDF Working Group and is the editor of the Direct Mapping standard. Juan has received several awards for his research such as best paper and semantic application awards.