Business Challenge:

The challenge of master data is that it is often stored in multiple, disconnected systems/databases in multiple locations on different instances. Achieving information consistency across the business is an imperative task. Master data is described as: “the information required to create and maintain an enterprise-wide system of record for your business entities, in order to capture business transactions and measure results for these entities.” Without the ability to centrally manage master data across a multinational organization, business is hampered by inefficiency and the inability to meet business goals.

With Capsenta:

Through the use of Ultrawrap, this multinational organization is able to identify commonality across products. This organization is leveraging the ability of Ultrawrap to connect into heterogeneous data sources and unite them with a common lingua franca in a centralized triplestore.


  • Speed to Market – A common triple store that is semantically based enables this customer to centrally manage rules across all manufacturing entities, hence operations associated with a product launch occur much faster. The net result is products once launched can be available in all markets in a fraction of the time.
  • Increased Operational Efficiency – Economies of scales are applied through business rules to products. A small number of business rules can now be applied to a wider set of products.
  • Resource focus: This organization is now able to focus resources that would have spent countless hours to map data across disparate country product databases to more meaningful responsibilities.