Business Challenge:

Help Me Fail faster

The goal for big pharma is to fail early and fail fast in pre-clinical studies, then push compounds out as quickly as possible into first-in-human testing, and gather as much information as possible to determine if it is likely to succeed before putting it into expensive Phase III trials.

Use Case:

A multinational pharmaceutical company, is answering the questions, ‘Help me fail faster,”’ by utilizing Capsenta Ultrawrap™. In a pre-clinical data discovery fashion, this pharmaceutical company is integrating various internal databases, such as assay, experimental and genomic with enterprise knowledge graphs to identify compounds that have already been researched, patented or simply do not meet industry standards.

Why Capsenta:

With data sources spanning multiple countries and the need to leverage internal and standardized external knowledge graphs, conventional processes do not work and take too much time. Capsenta is enabling this pharmaceutical company to break down the barriers of data incompatibility and research data in real time.


  • Speed to Market – Reduced time to compound reaching Phase I clinical trials.
  • Reduced IT Resources – Control of data integration and search is now in the hands of researchers.
  • Positive Financial Outcomes – With the average medication costing $10B to reach the market, reducing time from pre-clinical to stage I has strong financial impact.
  • Virtual Data Warehouse – Vast array of data from assay, experimental and know chemical compound data sources.
  • Security – Highest level of security, reliability, disaster recovery, and auditing capabilities required for sensitive research.

Project Alternative:

Centralization of data into a single data warehouse using conventional ETL scripts and mapping procedures.