Business Challenge:

The healthcare industry is naturally rich with data — clinical, claim, financial, departmental and consumer wearable. It is a given that having all this data in one centralized place for real-time analytics would improve patient care, improve clinical and financial outcomes and enable organization to proactively identify under-served populations for necessary treatments. Unfortunately, this notion is a utopia.
The myriad of systems that house all this data has various levels of sophistication, accessibility and reside on numerous incompatible platforms. Legacy databases developed decades ago are prevalent in organizations and involve tremendous technical sources to transfer that data to large scale data warehouses.

With Capsenta:

Capsenta’s Ultrawrap enables healthcare customers to gather insight from data sources, regardless of type, location or number of sources and does in such a manner that data doesn’t need to move.


  • Clinical: In collaboration with the clinical investigators, estimates of 25% increase in procedure volume and much greater percentage of high risk heart failure will be identified, simply by looking across data sources previously unattainable.
  • Quality of Life: Patients that were previously unidentified, resulting from missed chart pulls, can now be evaluated for therapy.
  • Reduction in Resources: IT resources are always difficult commodity. Capsenta’s Ultrawrap is enabling hospital IT to be at arm’s length from the research provided.

Project Alternative:

Conventional chart pull where HF readmission’s were “missed” due to readmission onto non-cardiology services.

“The opportunities to more easily and efficiently identify these patients are profound. We can save thousands of lives every year through the right data intelligence capabilities.”

Dr. Sitaramesh Emani, Associate Professor and Heart Failure Specialist