Inovex is a leader in emerging Information Management and Engineering expertise. Inovex provides Database Management and Development, Data Modeling & Integration and Content Management services for operational and developmental systems. Inovex also provides advanced Semantic Web Engineering and Ontology Design and Development for various efforts throughout the IC and DoD. Inovex provides special expertise in Unified Information Access (UIA) with real-time data index updates, which allows end users to enjoy a singular access point to all holdings, including structured and semi-structured data as well as unstructured content. Inovex offers solutions with specialized problem-solving expertise. The “expertise” consists of tools and the application of these tools to derive knowledge about a particular domain to solve problems within that domain. Inovex analytical applications enable customers to discover hidden patterns in data holdings, offering greater efficiency and effectiveness in question answering and decision making decisions.

Capsenta and ACES,  a service-disabled veteran-owned, HUBZone certified small business, have partnered to provide differentiated data integration and search solutions to the federal government’s procurement practices.


Constitutional design and redesign is constant. Over the last 200 years, countries have replaced their constitutions an average of every 19 years and some have amended them almost yearly. A basic problem in the drafting of these documents is the search and analysis of model text deployed in other jurisdictions. Traditionally, this process has been ad hoc and the results suboptimal. As a result, drafters generally lack systematic information about the institutional options and choices available to them. In order to address this informational need, the investigators developed a web application, Constitute [online at, with the use of semantic technologies.

Constitute provides searchable access to the world’s constitutions using the conceptualization, texts, and data developed by the Comparative Constitutions Project. An OWL ontology represents 330 topics”{ e.g. right to health { with which the investigators have tagged relevant provisions of nearly all constitutions in force as of September of 2013. The tagged texts were then converted to an RDF representation using R2RML mappings and Capsenta’s Ultrawrap. The portal implements semantic search features to allow constitutional drafters to read, search, and compare the world’s constitutions. The goal of the project is to improve the efficiency and systematization of constitutional design and, thus, to support the independence and self-reliance of constitutional drafters.

View Constitute Case Study Special Report: The App that helps you Draft a Constitution


Problem: Monitoring Containers in the Transportation Industry

Logistics and Transportation Industry works as a complex system where different databases interact with each other dynamically. ARKAS Holding is one of Turkey’s leading logistics and transportation companies. It operates in different fields such as sea, land, rail, air transportation, ship operations and port operations. The objective is to transport a container from a start location to an end location. One of the most important problems is monitoring containers. Each step of the container transportation process may be performed by a different company. Therefore, monitoring the container’s lifecycle in real time is a challenging engineering task because these processes run in parallel on different software systems. The end goal is to have managers and customers able to track the container in the transportation process.

Ege University, Bimar Information Technology Services and Capsenta are working together to develop a container monitoring system based on Semantic Web technologies[1]. The goal of using Semantic Web technologies is to decrease the cost of integration and dependencies between software systems.

[1] This project is funded by the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology

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