Business Challenge:

Ecommerce today is like a symphony. It requires an orchestrated collection of multiple components that all “play in tune” together. Instruments in this virtual symphony include Shopping Cart Technology, Order Management, Inventory Management, Marketing, Finance, Reporting / Analytics, and others. The symphony is not led by a single conductor but by numerous conductors requiring each instrument to operate independently and manually.

Use Case:

Capsenta was brought into a world class eCommerce organization for purposes of providing visibility into online and international field based sales transaction. The challenge was to enable hourly consolidated views into diverse data sources and make that information available for executive review.
Visibility into this organization’s data hasn’t existed because the data is complicated and fragile, as it needs to be internally massaged through spreadsheets.


Capsenta has put in place a rigorous, understandable and automated process to executive visibility in a manner that has not disrupted existing business processes.


  • Financial Visibility: Eliminate delays and discrepancies in monthly sales reporting. Reconcile across the organization what is meant by an order such that the senior executive team has a single line of item to the GMA.
  • Accuracy: Hourly access to online and field sales data viewed in a consistent manner
  • Financial Outcome: Having spent over $2M in four failed attempts to accomplish objective, e-Commerce company acquired a license and met their objectives in less than one month.
  • Data Compatibility: Organizational knolwedge is integrated across disparate Oracle and SQL server installations.

Project Alternative:

Manual manipulation of data in a spreadsheet.  

“Capsenta’s Ultrawrap changes the game for organizations that need to reduce the time and cost of providing business information to users. Capsenta allows business people to understand their data in a logical way, without having to move large amounts of data between systems.

– Chief Data Architect, Top 5 Network Marketing company