Ultrawrap™ by Capsenta dynamically integrates data, regardless of database platform, without the need for data warehousing.

The processes automatically compile disparate data using keywords and phrases to yield actionable insight. Ultrawrap™ software makes useful observations available to the client in a fraction of the time compared to other methods.


Ultrawrap has been crafted to make maximal use of existing SQL infrastructure, particularly the databases own metadata and its SQL optimizer. Across benchmarks and relational database platforms, the scalability of Ultrawrap consistently matches the scalability of the underlying relational database system.

Ultrawrap consists of two parts: Compile and Server. Ultrawrap Compile processes the mapping and generates RDF and OWL. Ultrawrap Server executes SPARQL queries by pushing all optimizations to the SQL engine.

  • SPARQL execution as fast as SQL
  • Customizable mapping through a GUI and SQL
  • W3C RDB2RDF Standard Compliant
  • Publication of the SQL Schema as OWL


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Capsenta's Ultrawrap is an enterprise software that virtualizes a Relational Databases as a Semantic Web datasource. Ultrawrap supports the latest W3C standards such as Relational Databases to RDF (RDB2RDF) standards: Direct Mapping and R2RML, and SPARQL 1.1. A key feature of Ultrawrap is that SPARQL query execution is pushed into the reliable SQL optimizer. Therefore, Ultrawrap executes SPARQL as fast as SQL.

D2RQ is an academic open source alternative with a small developer community.

The following table highlights the differences between Ultrawrap and D2RQ.

Category Feature Ultrawrap D2RQ
Deployment ETL: Dump Relational Data to RDF
Wrapper: Execute SPARQL on Relational Databases
Mappings Support for W3C Direct Mapping standard
Generate Ontology from relational schema and data
Support for W3C R2RML standard
Queries and Performance Leverage Internal Database Optimizers for Improved Performance
Improved SPARQL query execution
SPARQL 1.1. Aggregates
SPARQL 1.1 Subqueries
Enterprise Commercial Enterprise Software
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